What is a 2×2?
It is a group of 2-4 people who team up with other Christians for a weekly gathering around a spiritual conversation offered by HillTop. Whether you meet over coffee at your home or at a coffee shop, tackling our weekly challenge with one to three other Christians will transform your life. Every week HillTop will provide you & your 2×2 a short Bible reading to do together, as well as a question or 2 to process, and a challenge. Your 2×2 can meet every week or even once a month, but weekly communication is key via phone or Skype etc.
Want to join a 2×2?
Prayerfully consider who you might want to pair with and sign up in the Atrium at the Connect Table. Don’t know who to pair with? We can help!
  • Read:  Romans 12
  • Question:  What sacrifices are you currently making to use the gifts God has given you to build up His people into a representation of Christ?
  • Question:  Do you have zeal and fervency in your service to others in the body of Christ? Why or why not? 

    Challenge: Work together through prayer and conversation to get to the root motivations of your actions and priorities. Be honest with each other answering the question: ‘Is God’s will your highest aim in life?’ – What do your actions reveal about your motives?  

(Use your smartphone to pull up these weekly challenges,
write them down, or reference the back of your bulletin)
We’re here to help! If you have any questions or would like to get involved in a 2 x 2 but need help, please contact the church office at (248)-348-7600 or contact Kristin Korotney at kkorotney@hilltopnaz.org.